Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mother of THREE!!

wow...i must say being the mother of three is crazy! I LOVE it....and LOVE each of my amazing children....but i find that they WEAR ME OUT! I have been noticing how my patience has a much harder time lasting till the very END of the day. By the time dinner is done....i am running on reserves these days. i don't know how moms can find enough one on one time with there children (when they have more then one..or two). I really cherish the individual moments i get with my little kids... they are precious to me- as days are filled with running around, cleaning, shopping, meal preparation, time outs, dance class, school, and just being exausted! It is hard to live up to my own personal standards of striving to be a great mom. But i tell you what--- it is so worth every bit of exaustion...to feel the LOVE of my tiny precious children...who are SO dependant on me for everything! The love i feel for each of them- individualy- is mind-blowing! They each are wrapped around my heart in the most incredible way--- really....being a mom may be crazy but how blessed i feel to hold this role and have this opportunity!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

a few more pix of our baby boy


My little baby boy Roman was born on oct. 21, 2008 at 5:47 pm. He was 7 pd. 1 ounce and 19 1/2 inches. The delivery was AMAZING and everything i had hoped it would be! There is nothing more incredible than giving birth to a healthy baby and welcoming a new member into the family! So i am now the official mommy of three children! CRAZY! I LOVE having a new born to cuddle and kiss --- so tiny and innocent and perfect! I can already tell i will have my hands full with the kids being so close in age... it can get overwhelming but i am hopeful i will just continue to get the hang of it more as time goes on. :) Roman is a total JOY and an INCREDIBLY good baby...sleeps SO GOOD and eats like a champ! :) so we are loving him and he fits right in! :) SOOOO HAPPY he is HERE!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just days away!

So things are really starting to sink in that i am about to be a mother of THREE children! I am going in on Tuesday october 21 to be induced to have my little baby boy. It was an extremely hard decision for me to decide if that was what i wanted....so after much thought, prayer, and discussion i am going ahead with it! My doctor thinks this is a great option for me this time---so now we have a real count down!!!!! It is truly crazy to think i am old enough to have 3 kids.... WEIRD! But i am really REALLY EXCITED.... and now that i know when its ganna happen i am SOOOO ANXIOUS! so wish me luck~ :):):)

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Brooke... :)

Brooke had her first PICTURE DAY at school! SO CUTE...and had a princess birthday party to attend and was very excited to be all dressed up!

Grandpa comes to visit

Brooke's favorite thing is making dinner for anyone who comes over! So Grandpa was very well fed for his trip here to Utah! We had such a good time with him!